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Seemos Yantra Reporting

Post  SeemosYantra on Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:45 pm

Hiyo to everybody! ^-^

It was mere coincidence that I stumbled upon this place by a post somebody made on another forum by means of spam, but, as desperate as I am to get good roleplays and roleplayers, I am up to try any place on the NET and broaden my search range. But, well, let's go to the intro of my humble person.

My name is Seemos Yantra. You can call me by either of those names, is really fine. I am a dedicated writer and I have been a real-life Dungeon Master for 10 years, and on the NET for far more. I like working out deep and complex plots with lots of possible twists, intermingling romance and action. My specialties are fantasy and scifi. I am quite fond of creating new concepts, races, worlds, etc. You could say I am quite given to create RP resource material. So, if you are ever in the need for resource material, deep plots, or complex settings, I can always give you a hand. ^-~

Without further addo, thanks for reading. A pleasure to meet you all, and to be here. Thanks for everything. VwV [bows]

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