MAHHH. 3:<

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MAHHH. 3:<

Post  Crusaedia on Mon Aug 18, 2008 4:14 pm

My name is Rissy. Or Risses. Or Rissmon. Or sometimes people call me Pisses because they think its funny. Anyway, I got invited here by an rp partner and I'm always up for helping independent rp communities build up members, plus, I'm bound to find someone interesting, I'm sure.

I've been roleplaying for several years and I find that the places where I've found most of my partners [Gaia, DRP <-- the shittiest rp forum EVER, Bluemoon, even Furcadia] have let me down considerably. Usually I pick up one of two people out of these places and they stick around a month or two, become a mild sense of the word "friend", and actually amuse me with their writing, but its rare for them to last very long. That needs to change, because I want some good, intelligent rp, damnit. 3:<

I border on adv lit, mainly because I can get extremely lazy and don't always feel like dishing out 7 paragraphs of eloquently written nonsense, though I could. That tends to get mentally draining after a while and I like to stick to around 4 paragraphs, simply because the quality of my writing rarely suffers when the quantity is shortened.

If you want any sort of real info about me, it never hurts to ask. I'm rather friendly and like to talk with new people, so you shouldn't hesitate to send me a pm. :B

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Re: MAHHH. 3:<

Post  Abulurd on Mon Aug 18, 2008 11:29 pm

Hah, DRP upset me too, so, y'know, that's why this is here at all. Welcome; if you can find more members, it'd be much obliged.

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